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Providing the purest varieties of Salt for you to use in several applications.. 
An Introduction

Salt which is also called Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is basically an iconic compound of high importance to human health. We all know its use as an essential food ingredient in several dishes but as per the facts more than 70% of the globally produced salt is used in the chemical industry. Salt also serves its purpose for softening water, stabilizing soil for construction, preserving foods and removing snow from the roads.

Witnessing the high use as well as demands of salt in the market, we, Vibrant Global Salt Pvt. Ltd., started our company. We work as a manufacturer and supplier to make available finest packs of Salts such as Refined Iodized Salt, Free Flow Iodized Salt, Double Fortified Salt and Industrial Salt. With support of our efficient human and technological resources, we are processing the salt as per the exact requirements of the market. Further, we are grabbing the attention of the companies in the market for our advanced salt refining techniques, sealed packaging of salts and reasonable prices.

 Vibrant Global group is a recent business group in India that has made quick strides in diverse areas with different companies in its fold as under:

  1. Interfer-Vibrant Steel Pvt Ltd, which is a joint venture with leading German group Interfer-Steel Commodities GMBH and Mr Vinod Garg, Chairman of Vibrant Global Group and is mainly into import of steel products into India and selling the same in domestic markets in India. The company will also engage in international trading of raw material for steel products and intermediaries in future.
  2. Vibrant Global Trading Private Limited which is into trading of steel products, mainly flat steel such as Hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanised and pre-painted steel coils and sheets in the domestic market and soon set to make forays into Long Products.
  3. Vibrant Global Salt Pvt Ltd, which has commissioned two state of the art modern 2 lakh tonne per annum refineries for producing 4 lac tonnes of free flow iodised edible salt at Nawa, Rajasthan.  It is consistently producing to capacity Iodised salt under its own registered brands and garnered major shares in the north and north east markets.
  4. Vibrant Global capital Ltd , for investment and portfolio related management services
  5. Vibrant Global Infra Project Pvt Ltd aimed at focussing on infra structure projects such as industrial warehouses, commercial complexes and road ways as we go forward.
  6. Val Pack Solutions Pvt Ltd which is a joint venture of the group with Globopac Private limited in which, it has  commenced production of PE coated paper cups and HIPS lids for FMCG majors like Pepsi, Mc Donald, Coke, Baskin Robbins etc in its state of the art facility at Bhiwandi with a capacity of 40 Crore cups per annum from 5 Oz to 24 Oz and 75 Oz buckets and now producing around 3 crore cups per month
  7. Tapadia Polyesters Pvt Ltd at Butibori, Nagpur which is again a joint venture between Tapadia Group and Vibrant Global group where 12 Micron Polyester film is manufactured in a state of the art plant from Bruckner in 6.30 metre wide web and currently producing around 1150 MT per month.
How Salt is Processed?

Mother nature has given us so many things, salt is one such thing, which we obtain from nature in two forms, one is rock salt and another is from brines. Rock salt, also called halite is simply crystallized salt, obtained from the underground salt domes and evaporation of some oceans thousands of years ago. Whereas, brines is a term used for the water which contains high concentration of salt; water of sea and salty lakes are form of brines.

Vibrant Global has facilities for processing usable salt from brines as well as rock salt. We have several drilling machines, metallic tools and several facilities that allow us to take out the salt which is formed when the prospectors in their search for oil or water find rock salt deposits. The obtained rock salt is then passed through a crushing stage, where using the grinders it is converted into small particles.

We accept the fact that solar evaporation is the simplest method of getting salt from the brines but it is the technique which cannot be adopted in all the seasons. To meet the continuous demands of salt from the market, our company has maintained modern salt processing technology devices. We have fully automatic machines and multiple effect vacuum evaporator that aid in serving the purest forms of salt. In the evaporator, brine water is passed through several stages, in the first stage it is chemically treated for removing magnesium & calcium compounds and all the impurities and then heated to the boiling temperature which releases steam to the cylinders and leaves a thick slurry of salt on it. This salt is then filtered, dried and passed through series of tough to sort the particles by size. For making the salt iodized, we add potassium iodide and then makes the packs to supply to the restaurants, grocery shops and wholesalers.  

Quality Control at Vibrant's Premise

While researching or studying about the salt, you will get to know that it comes in several varieties to serve the purpose in different applications. This is because it is processed according to the intended use, for example the salt used for the scientific works needs high level of purity than for the human consumption and the one which is used for melting snow. We have experienced quality controllers, who hold rich knowledge about various types of salts and their parameters that industry has defined. These experts examine salt samples to ensure following characteristics:
  • It should dissolve in water in not more than 20 minutes of time
  • It should contain around 99.99% sodium chloride before being mixed with any additives
  • It should be free from moisture
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